This type of raisin goes through the same preparation process as Sultana Raisins. The only difference between Malayer raisins and Sultana raisins is the light color of Malayer raisins. They are rich in iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants and contain less sugar and sweetness than other types of raisins.

Reasons for the popularity of Malayer raisins in foreign countries: -Preventing heart attack and stroke -Beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract -Decreasing stomach acid -Reducing blood pressure -Preventing anemia -Treating infections -Improving visual health -Beneficial for oral health-Energizing the body-obviating sexual problems-Protecting Bones – Prevention of heart disease – Detoxification of body – Preventing cancer – Hair strengthening – Strengthening the liver – Alleviating fever – Skin repair – Insomnia remover – Useful for the kidneys – Protecting the skin from the sun – Rapid weight loss – Reducing wrinkles and age spots-Bloating remover-Diabetes controller-Suitable for athletes and bodybuilders.